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ELP Sports – Sandwell Aquatics Centre

ELP Sports has a mission to work with young children in the local community and make a positive impact through the use of sports. We aim to help sustain healthy lifestyles and we thrive of our ethos of ENJOY, LEARN and PROGRESS (ELP). Proving opportunities for all children is imperative to us and we ensure that we make things happen to the best of our ability for all genders, race, ethnicity and ability. Proving a safe environment for children to not only have fun in but to develop in is what makes us smile and being a part of a child’s journey in life is what really keeps us wanting to do more and more.

ELP sports have numerous experienced coaches that know how to run and deliver a safe, supportive, and enjoyable sessions where parents and children want to attend again.

We as a company not only support children who attend our sessions but we look to impact a wider range by offering out resources which everyone can learn from. We give our best support possible to parents of the children we see as by proving that support to them they can then give their best support to their child however that may be.

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